If Edge Case Capital Partners is the Partner for You, Send Us Your Pitch.

We Want to Invest into Your Company

To be considered for funding, please send your business plan to

The plan does not need to be long or fancy should but be more of an executive summary. One or two pages that describe, in the most matter-of-fact language, what your company plans to do, why it’s a good idea, and what progress you’ve made so far.

If you would like to submit something more substantive, we like concise, four-to- six page summaries that address key questions in the form of a business plan or presentation.

As a matter of policy, we don’t sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), but nothing you send us will be shared outside Edge Case Capital Partners without your permission.

Every business plan within our investment areas will be reviewed. Due to the volume of plans and materials, we may take a few weeks to get back to you.

Here is a Useful Guide to Submitting

  • 1

    Your company / Logo / Tag Line

  • 2

    Your Vision

    Your most expansive take on why your new company exists.

  • 3

    The Problem

    What are you solving for the customer–where is their pain

  • 4

    The Customer

    Who are they and how will you reach them

  • 5

    The Solution

    What you have created and why now is the right time.

  • 6

    The (huge) Market you are addressing

    Total Available Market (TAM) >$1B if possible. Include the most persuasive evidence you have that this is real.

  • 7

    Market Landscape

    Including competition, macro trends, etc; is there any insight you have that others do not.

  • 8

    Current Traction

    List key stats / plans for scaling and future customer acquisition.

  • 9

    Business model

    How users translate to revenue. Actuals, plans, hopes.

  • 10


    Who you are, where you come from, and why you have what it takes to succeed. Pics, bios, social media links are okay. Specify roles.

  • 11


    What you have already raised and what you are planning to raise now. Any financial projections may go here as well. You can optionally include a summary product roadmap (6 quarters max) indicating what an investment buys.

  • 12


    3-5 key takeaways (market size, key product insight, traction)

Want to Learn More about Fundraising?

Our library has many resources to help.